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Why manage Candidate Experience?

March 22, 2011

For the good recruiters handling candidate experience is a natural talent. Some thing they do as part of the recruitment process with or without being conscious of it. A great candidate experience helps the recruiter in more than one way.

Better Screening
First of all, the candidate opens up more than he/she would usually do. So recruiter gets to know more about the candidate, his needs and aspirations, strengths & limitations, hot buttons or even red flags and this gives a better insight of the candidate. This helps the recruiter know whether the candidate suits the role or not.

Better Offer Negotiation
Powered with this information recruiter can better engage the candidate. This would be of tremendous help during process delays or offer negotiations or notice buy out or competing offers etc.

Employment Branding
Another advantage is that the candidates who had pleasant experience are more prone to spread the word around about the recruiter, the opportunity and the company even if they don’t get selected. The employment branding piece remains intact or perhaps even gets added mileage due to the positive image being spread around.

Happy candidates will give recruiters more referrals and get you introduced their peers. This way every new candidate recruiter gets in to touch with and creates a positive vibes can expect to have his network increase by many fold.

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