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Employee Background Check

January 9, 2011

A friend recently lost his job. a colleague from is earlier organisation joined this new employer and spilled news on some past events which my friend had not disclosed. He thought they were irrelevant and therefore chose not to talk about them.

a client whom i met recently informed that they ask as high as 5-7% of all employees to leave even before they complete a month. Reason ? – their background check reveals things which they had not disclosed or which they had mis-represented.

Some time back , I had written a post on Reference checking & social media behavior . I came across this nice brief post by Suzzane Lucas on Background check . Suzzane lists out the key areas that employers check – education, Credit, employee verification etc in addition to your internetĀ behavior.

Sharing is good but as she points out- the internet is not private. so talk about facts on your resume & share on the web only that which you are sure can be shared publicly.

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