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The Importance of Induction

May 11, 2010

Induction and what it should involve, is a much debated topic. There are enough articles available on how induction should happen, how long it should be and what all it should cover. I too had written earlier posts on welcoming employees

I have always felt that induction is not, cannot and should not be a stand alone process lasting a few days. What most organisations do in the name of induction is more of a quick download of what they do, who the people at the top are and what is expected of the new recruits. The vision is shown but not communicated.

Whenever my clients ask my to advice on the Induction process, I ask them to list down what they want to achieve from the exercise. The most common responses are cultural understanding, seamless welcome, communication of broad organisational goals, a buy in from the new employee and setting a stage for long term association. Many of the clients say that they want to create excitement and energy so that the employee feels that he made a great choice by joining.  Most ( especially sales organisations) are skeptical as to how many of the new employees will survive the first quarter. Some of them do an induction program only if they have a batch of employees joining and skip it if it is just one or two. a very large number of organisations do it centrally , which means many of the new recruits at other locations have just their team leader to induct them. As we can see, there are issues here.

Next, i ask them to list out their strategy to ensure that understanding, communication, energy etc will continue . That’s where we get into further trouble. Many organisations do not have a plan to continue this induction process and to ensure that the energy and the good feeling ( of having made the right choice) stays. A few days after induction, a common feeling across many joiners is – this is no different from other organisations.

Organisations spend time & money in recruiting resources. The number of man-days used and the technological resources applied can be more effectively employed if the same is coupled with a well-thought Induction program. For this to happen the primary need is to break away from induction, the way it is done and embrace a radically different approach. There is a need to look at induction as the beginning of an employee life cycle and has to continue all through the life-cycle in various forms & intensities.

It would not be wrong to say that induction is an ongoing process and if done well impacts the duration of stay of employees, the clarity that they have about their role, the productivity that they can achieve, the performance they can deliver and the passion with which they work & grow with the organisation. I would even go further and say that induction,employee retention, Training programs & performance management are very closely linked and intertwined.

In the forthcoming post, we will look at Innovative & Inclusive methods to make induction a productive exercise, which can even save costs in the long run.

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