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Welcome Aboard

March 2, 2010

How do you feel when you join a new company ?

Unless you are one of those who change jobs the way one changes the innerwear, getting associated and separated from an organisation is an emotional matter. It is like leaving a neighbourhood and getting inducted into another. unknown people, new surroundings, a different culture and way of working. Imagine, being left alone to find ones way in this new maze.

Do you go and introduce yourselves to everyone in sight ? or wait for people to come to know about you as and when they interact ? How does it feel when the dispatch boy comes and asks your neighbour ” do we have anyone named M in our office?”.

Emotional, did i say ? This is not an exaggerated scenario. Even some of the most people friendly organisations spend little time in ushering in a new employee, forget about the less friendly ones. In the name of induction, one has to go through a 3-4 day crash session where everything – ranging from org chart, products, policies, processes, key people , so on and so forth is downloaded and then… If one were to administer a surprise quiz at the end of induction, most of the new joinees would flunk even the most basic questions about the organisation.

Where is the effort to make the employee feel welcome and more importantly, wanted ? If we can have freshers’ party in colleges, why cant we have a fun filled induction in organisations ? From my experience and interactions with senior managers and HR people, induction is nothing but a formality. In their words, a platform to communicate the organisations vision and to showcase the top brass ( who never even talk to the lesser mortals once the induction is over).

In my recent interactions with some of the team managers in a “sales oriented” organisation, it was shocking to note that none the managers could talk anything about the families or background of their team members. That their relationships are absolutely “official” was obvious and this reflected in the performance of the teams. I was told that the attrition levels in the team was very high and that most people left in first 2-3 months. Bad welcome ?

There have been many studies which say that most people leave because of bad bosses. While that may be true, i would say many people leave even before they come to know that the boss is bad. Any organisation cannot succeed in long run if it fails to welcome its people. and not just ones, but continues to do it all through, even during the process of separation ( more about it later).

How can an employee be inducted and welcomed in an organisation that he feels charged up right from the first moment ?

First posted in my Personal Blog in August 2008

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