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Checking You Up

February 11, 2010

In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell talks about checking our on a potential recruit by visiting his/her house uninformed and at different times. The idea is to know how a person behaves in his /her natural surroundings and what sort of traits or behaviour will he/she bring along.

While not all employers may follow what is recommended, many have started making visits at least to the virtual abodes of prospective employees. More and more employers are using social & professional networking platforms to check on employee credentials and to verify the submitted information. Some of the information that is being sought is

Who are you really? Profile check is the most common thing that is now being performed invariably for all middle & senior level positions. But going beyond what you have mentioned, Employers & consultants check with people who might have been studying/ working in the same institutions during the same time period as mentioned by you. If you are in a customer facing role, this exercise may even extend to getting vendors to talk about their experience with you. Of course, all this is done very subtly and in a professional manner.

The company you keep: A second area of interest is the type of people you interact with, your interests & hobbies, the groups you are involved in, the level of activity and involvement, the recommendations received & given by you and so on. That’s why most of the networking sites caution you and advice you to accept & send invitations to people you know well. Do you contribute & help or are you only interested in asking for help? Are you an active participant or are you “collecting” group memberships? Is your Net behaviour in line with your profile & experience?
All these and more questions get answered by scanning your activities.

How do you think and express yourselves? The language you use, the discussions you indulge in, your website, your blogs, your comments, and areas of interests – all these contribute to building up your complete profile. All of this sounds like a Jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are spread out on the web.
It is critical to note here that an employer is not interested in putting together your life history. The simple intention is to check if what you appear and claim is what you are. Does that mean that everyone should consciously try and paint a pretty picture? Absolutely Not. That would be fatal.

A far more advisable and practical approach is to be balanced and fair in what you put on your resume and what you tell your employer. The closer you keep it to the truth the easier it is to be yourselves.
The employer is not looking for an ideal all-rounder; they are looking for a person who can do the Job and who can add value to the organization.

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