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The Attitude of Job Seekers

February 1, 2010

Working with a HR consulting firm, one often comes across surprising, at times, shocking responses from candidates looking for Job. While there is so much talk of recession and job cuts, the attitude of many job seekers is that of indifference or even casual. And not necessarily all of them are star performers…

As any recruitment manager would vouch for, some of the most common and worrying problems in the process of hiring are

1. Candidates appearing for interview “just to check as to what the job was”

2. Candidates taking an offer, and then not joining. “They just disappear” – a friend remarked. They dont answer emails and just stop picking your calls.

3. Candidates joining and then not reporting.

I have been on that side as a recruiter and now i sit on this side as a consultant helping the recruiters.  I can add to this list of issues.

4. Candidates agreeing to go for interviews and then not going . They too disappear. One candidate i called up this morning told me to call tomorrow as he was busy in a function. When reminded that the interviews were scheduled today, he said “in that case ,( he) not interested”

This is a fact and there is no denying that slowdown is here to stay, what then is making these ( large number of) candidates to behave in this way ?

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